Atlantis Mermaid

The Atlantis Mermaid Pendant is designed to be worn on a 6mm Omega. It is set in 18K gold and generally has an Ancient coin and Diamond drop although this one is shown with a purple Sapphire. It is a Limited Edition of 17. My daughter, Heather age ten, was in my studio during the design stages of this piece. At the time, the mermaid had nothing in her hands and Heather suggested that if the dolphins and mermaid were supposed to be engaged in conversation that she ought to be holding something for them to talk about. I asked what she had in mind and she responded, "A Calla Lily."

Limited Edition of 17
2.5" wide
Available to Order:
Photo: Ralph Gabriner

Cayman Mermaid

The Cayman Mermaid is accented with seaweed and a school of blue wrasse. Set in 18K Gold.

Limited Edition of 13

3" Long


Photo: Ralph Gabriner

Mermaid Treasure

Set in 18K Gold, the Mermaid Treasure pendant is accented with a sea kelp frame and a natural fresh water pearl.

Limited Edition of 72
1.5" wide
Available to Order
Photo: Ralph Gabriner

Aquamarine Mermaid

When I go diving, I make it a habit to throw my arms and head back, arch my back and do a couple of dolphin kicks. That is what this image feels like to me. 18K Gold and Aquamarine Setting.

Limited Edition of 19
2.25" wide
Available to Order:
Photo: Azad

The Mermaids

Merry-Lee Rae