Small Scale Cloisonne - 5 day class

This is wonderful opportunity for students to learn a methodical approach to Cloisonné Enameling developed by Merry-Lee Rae. Over the last 30 years, Merry-Lee has become known for her lyrical wirework and lush shading techniques. Learn to combine Science with Art to create projects of your own while taking the mystery out of this intricate technique. Merry-Lee will share her methods starting with construction of the fine silver base and ending with grinding and finishing using lapidary equipment. Learn to apply perfect basecoats, form fluid wirework, apply it to the base, achieve graceful shading, solve technical problems and grind to a perfect finish. This is your chance to ask Merry-Lee anything you ever wanted to know about her technical expertise in a class limited to 10-12 students where you will receive personalized instruction in a studio setting. You will be able to see, first hand, how she handles the tools and materials while creating amazing results. You will leave this workshop with the experience and inspiration to take this ancient craft and make it your own.

Technique:    Cloisonne
Intended skill level:    All Levels
Class schedule:    

TBA         10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Class location:

Merry-Lee Rae's Studio
Watsonville, CA 95076 USA

Cost for class/supplies:     $725 for 5 day class
Kit Fee: $90

Registration contact:    
Merry-Lee Rae
PO Box 1812
Freedom, CA 95019 USA

Registration email:    merrylee (remove space!)


My favorite teaching venue is in my own studio where I am able to offer intensive, personalized instruction with 10-12 students for a duration of 5 days.  It is a perfect opportunity for those of you wishing to establish strong technical skills whether you are an experienced enamellist or an aspiring beginner.  I enjoy teaching and have over 40 years of enameling experience.  I delight in sharing this exciting medium and I have lots of tricks but no secrets.  My approach is methodical and I hope to be able to spare you years of mistakes so that you may take Cloisonné to a new level in your own style.

Once we have agreed on the workshop dates, the classes will be scheduled and filled with students in the order of their committment to me.  Hours generally run from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a lunch hour.  The cost for the workshop is $725 per person plus a $90 tool kit fee for students new to me.  I require a $300 deposit with registration prior to the workshop by check, money order or Paypal.  (merryleerae is my user name, take out the space!)  All supplies are included except 24K Cloisonné Wire.  If you wish to bring your own wire it must be .005 X .050, available from Hauser and Miller by the ounce.  800-462-7447. The enamels we will be using are Japanese leaded.

Please bring any glasses, optivisors or other eye wear that you require for close up, detailed work.  You may also want to bring tweezers, scissors, brushes and other tools that you are comfortable with.

Note taking is encouraged and it is possible that we will be recording an instructional video during your class.

The San Jose Airport is the closest to my studio.  It is about an hour away.  Driving Directions are as follows:  From San Jose Airport take Highway 880 (also known as Highway 17) South to Highway 1. 

I am located on the Monterey Bay and if you have some extra days to sightsee while here, I would highly recommend it.  Whale watching, Redwoods, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Carmel, Big Sur, 17 Mile Drive and Pebble Beach are all local attractions.

If you would be kind enough to send me an email with some information regarding your past experience and most importantly, your desired outcome of your workshop, this information will be helpful to me so that I may customize the instruction to best suit your needs.  I will place you in a class with other students of similar interests. 

Are there any questions?  I am looking forward to our time together.


Merry-Lee Rae

Repeat students only- 5 day class

Class Description:    If you have ever participated in a workshop with Merry-Lee, you will know how thrilling it is to gain the expertise to create beautiful cloisonné. Now you have the opportunity to continue your studies and widen your capabilities in this fascinating craft. Over a five day period, each student will be able to complete 2 projects. You will want to bring a design for each project that is to scale showing the intended wirework and a second copy colored accurately.  Some classes may be taught using design materials provided by Merry-Lee.  The goal is for you to explore more advanced techniques and hone your skills in a private setting with personal attention. Learn to translate your own designs into successful pieces of lasting beauty. The class is held in Merry-Lee’s studio near Monterey, California. All supplies are included except 24K Cloisonné Wire. (Fine Silver wire is included) Prior attendance in a workshop taught by Merry-Lee is mandatory.

Technique:     Cloisonne

Intended skill level:     All Levels

Class schedule:     TBA                                  10:00 AM - 5:00PM

Class location:    

Merry-Lee Rae's Studio
Watsonville, CA 95076

Cost for class/supplies:  $725 (Additional Kit Fees may Apply for some classes)